Domino, Notes and videotape

Update 24.11.2018: Facebook has temporarily turned this function off after the security issues that happened in the autumn of 2018.

I’m sometimes asked how you can be sure that something you have posted can only be seen for either friends, or for specific friends, and not by everyone who visits your profile. This is very easy to do.

  1. Open your Facebook profile
  2. At the top, on your cover photo, to the right of your name, you’ll find this button, View as:
    View as
  3. Click on it. You will now be viewing your Facebook profile as it’s shown to the general public, meaning people who’s a Facebook contact:
    View As pubic
  4. You can also check what your profile looks like to a specific Facebook contact. Click on the View as Specific Person link in the black field above your cover photo:
    View as specific person
  5. Start writing the name of the person you are searching for and click on said person’s name when it appears in the list:
    View as -search
  6. Now you can see what this person will se if he or she opens up your profile:
    View profile as
  7. To close this view and go back to your profile as yourself, click on the x to the left inside the black field:
    Close view as
  8. Now you will be taken back to your own profile as yourself

When you are viewing your profile as a public person, or as someone else, you can also click on the views for friends, photos, information about yourself and anything located under the More button to see what they can see of your photos, videos, information and friends list:

View as - other views


If you want to check out what is public on your profile, this is a very nice way to do it. You can easily check what photos, information or other things you’ve posted that is completely open on Facebook. You can then go in and change these settings.

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