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How Domino Helps Keeping Norwegian Roads Safe

August 18th, 2019 | Posted by elfworld in HCL | Notes

Hogne does his presentation

Have you ever seen a Domino based system that combines traditional Notes applications with GPS measuring devices, Electron apps, JSON, Xpages and Java-servers to keep roads safe? You will now!

At the Engage conference this year, as well as at NCUG’s conference in June, I gave a presentation of a system that is developed by my colleagues at iSi.

Among the audience members at Engage was Graham Acres, from the Candaian user group, C3UG. He liked what he saw and thought that even more people should see it. So he invited me to make a video with C3UG where I did my presentation, and gave some demo snippets from the system.

The  video will show you a system that takes care of the entire workflow from the sales pitch to the invoice.You will learn how the Norwegian company Arvid Gjerde AS use decades old Notes applications, seamlessly with top modern technologies and third party platforms to map GPS coordinates for crash barriers along Norwegian roads.

In addition they log man hours, create quality reports and service requests, automatically export GPS coordinates to Norwegian road authorities and generate invoices with Visma. The video will be inspirational for managers and developers alike.

You can see it in all it’s glory here:

If you want to download the presentation itself, you can do so here.


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