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I Don’t Care About Domino

April 16th, 2019 | Posted by elfworld in Domino | IBM


That’s what my, and I guess most of your customers’ end users say as well. They only care about the apps and solutions they have to work with. What’s under the hood is of no interest to them. So allow me to present two Domino based solutions that does just that.

First of all, I’d like to present a solution made for the local innovation center, called Utrøna, that my employer has made. We have made the entire web site, but it’s the booking system I want to show you now.

Newly started companies that are working with innovative solutions, may rent offices in the building. When they do, they can also use the innovation center’s conference and lecture rooms. External organisations can also apply for a room, but their booking will be sent via an email to the administrator. She then has to accept or decline via the administration interface.

To book a room you go to the booking site. In the calendar you can see when the rooms are booked. The rooms are color coded, and you can choose to see the calendar for the whole month, for a week, three days or a day:

Calendar Utrønna


The calendar is a Google Calendar, which we have styled with our own design. However, the rest of the site and all the data about the rooms, as well as the booking system itself, is Domino all the way:

Utrøna meeting rooms


When you click on the Book a meeting button this Domino based web-form pops up:

Utrøna bookingskjema


The booking is saved in Domino, and via an AP,I it’s added to the Google Calendar. If the person booking is from an external organisation, an email is fired off to the administrator of the innovation center, and she has to accept it, before it’s added to the Google Calendar.

Simple, easy and very slick. And nobody has to care that it’s Domino!

Another company that uses Domino to create a solution where nobody has to care that it’s on Domino is Pickaform. I haven’t tested their solution, but it seems intriguing. On their web site they say they will make it possible for you to create collaborative workflow applications, with data visualisation, without any need for coding on your part. I haven’t tested it myself, but they have a short demo:


It seems interesting, and it’s right up the alley that HCL is steering Domino now: A path with no or low code.

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