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Notes Tip #36: Spell Checking Your Emails in HCL Notes

Spell checking is always important, especially in emails. You want to appear professional and Notes helps you to achieve that. 

I’ve already showed you how to turn on and use spell checking, and how to spell check your text in more than one language at the same time.

In this section you will learn the extra functions Notes has for spellchecking emails.

Spellchecking while writing

Follow the steps in this previous blog article on how to turn on instant spell checking.

Spell-checking before sending

You can also do a last spell checking before sending the email. It will also spell check the Subject line.

Here is how you turn this on:

  1. Go to File -> Preferences
  2. Choose Mail in the preferences window:
    Mail spell check settings in HCL Notes
  3. Make sure the Spell-check messages before sending option is checked under Message Options
  4. Click OK
    When you now write an email, and hit send, Notes will spell check the Subject line and the main text of the message:
    Spell check before sending an email in HCL Notes
  • You can choose which language you want to use as Dictionary
  • You can skip a word and jump to the next or you can skip all by just clicking on Send As Is
  • You can choose a suggested word from the list, or type your own correction, and then click Replace. Notes will then jump to the next misspelled word
  • You can add a word to the Dictionary, so that Notes won’t claim that it’s misspelled the next time
  • You can click on Spelling Options… to tell Notes to ignore words in uppercase and with numbers

When all errors are corrected, Notes will send the email. If you want to skip the spell checking you can click on Send As Is.

That’s it!


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