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Aren’t there times when you where you are itching to post a scatching status posting about something or someone? But you can’t do it, because you don’t want any persons involved to read your posting.

Luckily Facebook has a function not many people know about that lets you do just that: Post something and then tell what people should not be allowed to read neither the posting itself, or any likes or comments either.

This is how you do it:

Write your posting:

Status posting


To the left of the Post button you have a pulldown menu:

Visibility button


Click on this button:

Pulldown menu


Go to Friends except… and click on it. This screen pops up (I have anonymized people in my list, but you will see your friends’ profile photos, names and workplace):

Friends list


In the top of my list I have the two last persons I blocked from seeing a posting. You can see that they are active, because of the red circle behind their names. If I do want them to see this posting, I simply click on the red icon, so that it becomes white:


Now the person in the top of the list will not be included in this exception list.

To choose a person that should not see this new posting, you simply search for their name in the search field:

Search field


Type as many letters as needed in the search field until you see the name of the person listed. Then simply click on the circle to the right of their name:

Check name


After clicking on it, it will turn red:



If there are other people you want to hide this posting from, simply search for them as well and click on the circle icon behind their names.

When you have found all the names you simply click on the button Save Changes.

However, it can be a good idea to review the list of people you want to block. To do so, click on the little x to the right inside the search field:

Close search


Now you can see the list of all the people you have blocked for this posting:

List of blocked people

As you can see I have two people whom I want to block from seeing this posting. The person I removed from the block list is still listed among the others that I’ve chosen, but as we can see the icon behind the name is white, which means he won’t be blocked.

Click Save Changes. You will now return to this screen:



As you can see on the pulldown button, this posting will now be shown to all friends, except the ones you just chose. You can even see the names of people it should be hidden for it you click on  the pulldown arrow in the button:

Friends except


If you change this to Public or Friends, the people you just picked will still see the posting, like everybody else. You choice has to stay on Friends except…

However, the next time you choose Friends except…, all the people you just added to this list will still be listed here. So if you want any of them to see the posting the next time you choose Friends except…, you have to actively remove them from the list.

So that’s how you hide a posting from selected individuals. Neat, eh?

25 thoughts on “Hide Postings from Selected People on Facebook”

  1. That’s as clear as mud.
    Maybe I’m thick but can you simplify?
    Red=people see the post ?
    White=people see the post?

  2. what i would like to know is whether the people i DO share with will see who I did NOT share with or if that is only visible to me

  3. This was the most hopeful posting. I literally spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to use the “friends except” because I was unsure what the red circle/white circle with line meant. My mind wanted to believe that the red circle with line meant they were excluded but it is not until that is clicked and it becomes a white circle that they will actually be excluded. Your post was clear and super helpful, thank you. Now I can move on.

  4. If I use the friends except… on my wall it shows a custom icon. Does the custom icon also show in friends newsfeed or does it look as if I am posting to friends icon? Thanks

  5. If I am chatting with a person and it is personal how do I only chat with that person and no one else

  6. Do I have this correct? Make the friends except button appear white and those friends will not see my post unless they visit my facebook page. However, If I want my friend(s) to see my post which appears in the news feed then I click on the button until it turns red.
    Sorry for the redundancy but I need to get this correct and it seems like the reverse should be true.

    Thank you In Advance,
    New to Facebook

  7. Suggestion to fix this confusion: (1) Friends except = red button with – means that friend(s) doesn’t see your facebook post.
    (2) Friends except = green button with + means that friend(s) does see your facebook post.

  8. if you exclude friends from one of your facebook post but tag someone that may have a mutual friend you excluded On your Facebook will that friend see your post on the person’ account that you tagged?

  9. What does Most Relevant mean on a Facebook Page post, If a Facebook Page has comment ranking turned on, comments with the most likes or replies ranking for their Page, the Page will display comments chronologically by default. Newest to show all comments, with the newest comments first. If comment ranking is turned on for your Page or profile, comments with the most likes or replies as well as comments from friends or verified profiles and Pages will appear at the top by default. If you ve turned off comment ranking for your Page, your Page will display comments chronologically by default.

  10. If I share a post to my timeline and exclude a specific person, can that person see this post if a mutual friend also shares the post on their own timeline?

  11. When I open up FRIENDS EXCEPT I only see red squares with a white line going through the middle of the red squares

    You also refer to some icon behind their name? I only see an icon next to their name. How do I get behind their name? ‍♀️

    Lastly. In the beginning of your explanations you say WHITE means BLOCKED.
    Then in the next explanation you say WHITE means UNBLOCKED.
    I do not understand why the contradiction?

    Regards, Pamela

    1. No, I say “If I do want them to see this posting, I simply click on the red icon, so that it becomes white.” Which means that if I change from red to white, they will be unblocked. Ie: Red means blocked, white means unblocked.

      However, this description was made with the old FB design. I haven’t tested it with the new design.

    1. I have to approve all comments, because of huge problems with spam, before the comment is posted. I replied earlier. It seems you misread what I wrote.

  12. When you choose friends, then would a person that was on the friends except be blocked. In other words, do you have to change it each time you post if you don’t want to “friends except” anybody?


    1. The next time you do a posting, and that posting is set to be shown to friends (and not the entire world upon which you would see a globe icon and not a people’s icon) you will actively have to remove the ones you added to the “friends except” list, yes. It’s stupid, I know.

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