A Masterpiece that Begs to Be Heard

Ane Brun - After The Great Storm

Sweden based Norwegian artist Ane Brun’s new album After the Great Storm will be your perfect introduction to a unique artist, if you’re not already familiar with her work. And if you do know about her music, you’re still in for a surprise!

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Best Albums of 2018


I’m sure you’ve seen all of those articles in the past few weeks. The lists where we music journalists and writers make lists of what we perceive what the best albums of the year are. What these lists have in common is that you’ve maybe heard about two of the ten artists on the list. Not with me! Here are my favourites from 2018.

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My 10 Best Photos of 2018

Di Derre

As a freelancer, you get to do a lot of cool stuff. When you also take into account that you live in an amazingly beautiful county, the photo opportunities just lign up. See the artists, models, cities and sites I photographed this year. Here’s my top 10 best photos of 2018!

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Jean-Michel Jarre – Equinoxe: Infinity

Jean-Michel Jarre: Equinoxe: InfinityThis autumn Jean-Michel Jarre turned 70. In the past three years he has released two double albums, one single album and this September, a huge compilation box called Planet Jarre. The latter to celebrate his 50th anniversary as an artist. He’s also been touring most of these years with a ground breaking light and laser show, and he also played Coachella this year.

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Oh, How I Missed You too Robyn!

Robyn - HoneyA while back I sat backstage, chatting with a friend of mine who is a singer and musician. We started talking about Robyn, because we were both huge fans of her Body Talk trilogy. It was then we realised that it was 8 years since that release!

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