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I’m at the Norwegian IBM User Group meeting in Larvik Norway, and several representatives from IBM Norway are here, as usual.

Some of them had read my last blog posting, and came up to me and said that I had been a bit unfair and that they wanted to remedy my impression.

So their suggestion was that I would, via a hybrid solution, be given the opportunity to test IBM Verse with my existing mail environment at work. This means that I will be able to give it a proper test, and have a full scale email environment for Verse to do it’s analytic work on.

This shows that IBM, at least in Norway, are listening and engaging with their customers. That is something I really respect.

I will do a new blog posting about Verse after testing it for a while.

5 thoughts on “IBM Listens”

    1. Not quite sure, yet. IBM will get back to me with the details and I will assuredly blog about it here.

      1. please publish the details as , i think ibm is pushing a mixed message on verse and watson.

  1. The Hybrid model bridges your on premises Domino environment with SmartCloud Notes. SmartCloud Notes becomes an extension of your existing Domino environment. This is the architecture the majority of our existing customers. It consists of adding a Domino pass-thru server to your environment to allow for a secure, encrypted port 1352 connection between SmartCloud Notes and your on premises environment. For more information, follow the link below.

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