Almost Oktoberfest in Münich

Social Connections 2018

Come to see me speak in Münich during Social Connections. Oh yeah, there are some other people who will be speaking as well… Read all about it here.

I was at Social Connections that took place in Berlin last year and in Vienna the year before that. This is the place to be if you want to get the latest news about HCL Connections, as well as great tips, success stories, stories about not so big successes and to learn and teach others about how to do social collaboration in the best possible way.

The people speaking at these events aren’t just the administrators and so called experts You will also get hands on customer stories. That means plain old normal users like yourself.

However, there’s no doubt that a lot of people will be there to get news about the future of HCL Connections straight from the horse’s (or in this case: Richard Jefts’) mouth. Especially now that the closure of IBM Cloud has been announced. What is in store for the cloud version of Connections? Come to Munich from 16th – 18th of September to learn all about it.

I’ve spoken at both events I’ve been to, and this year I will teach you how to create really good looking wikis.

With the help of the event’s mobile app, I’ve created my own personal agenda:

  • HCL Keynote
  • HCL Digital Experience and Roadmap
  • The value and relevance of Enterprise Social Network
  • Using the Intranet as an engine for employee experience improvement
  • How the University of Zürich enables users to use Connections – openly and decently managed
  • New Times, New Metrics, New World
  • Don’t believe the hype – why Office 365 might not be the droid you are looking for
  • Intuitive Design
  • User frustrations – what’s not so good in Connections (held by my fellow Norwegian and NCUG board member, Tore Søgård)
  • More than selfies and cat pictures
  • One stream to rule them all -avoid emails with smart notifications
  • Engage and Empower your Workforce with Digital WorkPlace Powered by HCL’s Digital Experience and Connections
  • It’s all about the user experience: How we decreased from over 100 clicks to 15
  • Aha readout roundtable
  • That’s one sexy wiki! (<– me, on Tuesday at 14.10)
  • Ask HCL
  • Connections roadmap deep dive

See you there! Aber plötslich!



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