Christmas Holiday

Christmas on the ice

I’m starting my Christmas holiday today, and I will be having six straight days off. That’s the longest holiday I’ve had in over two years. I’m celebrating the occasion with a Flashback Friday to this newspaper story that I did on Christmas Eve eight years ago.

We had an amazing winter that year, with lots of snow and -20 (-4F), not like this Christmas which will be with almost no snow, lots of rain and 7 degrees (45F).

That year Ove Magnussen decided to celebrate Christmas on the lake Øverlandsvannet, just outside Molde. I asked him why, and his reply was:

– Why not?

Inside his tent it was 30 degrees (86) and he had traditional Norwegian Christmas food. His dog, Cali was with him, and during the day, his daughter, Silje Marie, came and helped him decorate the tree outside the tent. In the evening, it was lit up with candles.

He did the same thing two years later. As he said:

– We are lucky here in Molde. Nature is just five minutes from downtown.

In addition to income from two newspaper (the local paper and a national newspaper) I also got a postcard like picture out of it too. Click on the photo at the top to see it in full size.

Have a nice holiday, folks!

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