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Ego giving a session at Engage

For the fifth year in a row I’m invited to go to the Engage conference to give a talk. This year I will teach you how to be a Notes superhero! 

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been invited to speak at the Engage conference for the fifth year in a row. Can’t believe it’s four years since I went there the first time.

Here’s the description of my session (click on it to see it in higher resolution)

My session at Engage

I’m really looking forward to it. Please come and see me.

In addition to me there are also over 86 other sessions(!) during the conference, which takes place on March 3rd and 4th in Arnhem, The Netherlands. There will also be workshops on Monday 2nd of March. But the main conference starts on Tuesday.

In addition to the awesome agenda, you should also go because:

  • You get to meet the product owners and managers (if you want to meet with them one on one, get in touch with me to set it up!)
  • You will get all the latest news from HCL and their business partners
  • You will make new and important business connections
  • You can share your own thoughts and ideas
  • It’s bloody fun!

So go to the Engage web site and sign up now!

2 thoughts on “Come See Me at Engage”

    1. It will be in November. We are currently working hard on the exact date, and an announcement is coming soon! Thanks for your interest 🙂

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