Do You Know Much Freebies You Get in the HCL Community?

Wine tasting app for Domino by Theo Heselmans

The HCL Community is an open and giving community that are more than willing to share knowledge and expertise. And now HCL is really ramping up their game too. See how to get your hands on free help, applications and expertise here!

Surprisingly many Notes and Domino customers aren’t aware of the fact that Domino has had it’s own open source community for almost 20 years. Here you can get free Notes/Domino applications and templates that you can use in your own organisation.

In addition they’ve provided access to plugins, APIs and code snippets that you also can use freely.

OpenNTF recently hosted a webinar where they gave a presentation on what you can get out of OpenNTF, as well as their future plans. You can see the presentation here:


You can see a recording of the webinar here:

HCL Tutorials

HCL have just gotten started with creating video tutorials that you can watch. Use these to get tips for you and your users.

And more are on the way!

HCL Wikis

HCL has gathered together documentation and manuals for their products in wikis.


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