Domino Volt is Released

Domino Volt

Are you ready to create fully functional web and mobile applications by dragging and dropping? Now you can! Because… Domino!¬†

HCL officially released Domino Volt today. Domino Volt users can create web apps complete with forms, views, and workflows in minutes, even from a spreadsheet.

More technical developers can build apps up to 70% faster and efficiently extend them with integrations, customized CSS, JavaScript, and REST APIs. Domino Volt apps are native Domino apps; customers can deploy, manage, and extend the functionality of their apps and deliver them on mobile devices quickly.

HCL has published a product page giving you a nice overview of all the features, as well as demos on how to use Volt.

If you want to know more, there’s a scheduled webinar this Thursday. You can register for it here!

There are also some great video tutorials giving you a solid insight in to what you can do with Volt.

For a quick 3 minute overview, you can watch this video:


HCL is really keeping up the momentum, as well as keeping their promises about their dedication towards Domino as a platform with a solid future.

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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