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I’ve been an IBM Champion for the past three years. Now that HCL has taken over the ICS portfolio, I was automatically made into an HCL Master. I would really like to be one for 2020 as well. I need your help. Do you want to nominate me? Well, then this posting is written to tell you what you can write on the nomination form.

You can find the nomination form here!

Feel free to add or subtract anything you want. And if you want me to nominate you, please get in touch! The last day for nomination is October 31st.

So what is an HCL Master? Here’s what HCL say on their web site:

The HCL Masters program is a recognition program that showcases the best of our community.
HCL Masters go ‘above and beyond’ their normal job roles to help others, share information and organise events for the whole community to benefit.

Nominations will be judged by a panel of HCL employees on their individual merit against the other nominations we receive this year.

Here are som helpful tips if you want to nominate me:

  1. First Name: Hogne B.
  2. Last Name: Pettersen
  3. Email: hogne at isi dot no
  4. Country: Norway
  5. Company: iSi AS
  6. Job title: Consultant
  7. Company option: Business Partner/Reseller
  8. Information you can give about why I should be nominated as a Master:
    Put on the first Nordic usergroup conference in Stockholm, and rejuvenated the community in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We also laid the groundwork for a new and growing usergroup. Several important figures from HCL and IBM were present at the conference as well.
    Did a session at Engage where I presented a very cool Domino-based solution that my company has made, that involves Domino, Notes, Angular, Javascript, Electron, OSGI plugins, GPS measuring and more.
    I also presented at Social Connections where I did a talk about creating nice looking wikis.
    The Canadian user group invited me to do a video presentation of the solution above. In addition, I’ve contacted Jan Kenney, and our solution will now be a customer reference case for HCL
    I’m a regular blogger and write a lot about the HCL collaboration portfolio, as well as about collaboration, social med,a technology and culture.
    I have helped several Norwegian customers for free when it comes to coding problems, downloading of products, manuals and training and questions about Notes/Domino and Connections that I could find answers to via  my connections in HCL and the user community
    Anything you feel I have done for you personally
  9. HCL Products I’m working with: HCL Notes/Domino, HCL Sametime, HCL Connections and HCL Leap
  10. Social Media Accounts:
    Twitter: NordicCUG

If you choose to nominate me, I’d appreciate it if you gave me a heads up about it. Thanks!

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