Here is Where You Can See Me Speak This Autumn

Ego giving a session at Engage
Ego giving a session at Engage

As I’m sure a lot of you know, I do a lot of presentations and lectures, as well as giving courses and doing user training. I’m especially doing a lot of this kind of work when it comes to collaboration and efficient use of email and calendar. If you want me to come and have a look at your organisation and make you less dependant on internal email, make it easier for your organisation to find information and documents and help you find the knowledge and skills that you have in house, please get in touch!


As was the case last autumn and spring, I will be doing quite a bit of traveling this autumn as well. The first conference I’m going to will be ICON UK, which will take place in Birmingham on September 13th and 14th. This is a usergroup that deals with collaborative solutions from the IBM portfolio. This portfolio consists of products like IBM Notes/Domino, IBM Connections, IBM Watson (including Workspace), IBM Sametime etc.

The contents of the conference will be about both strategic and business decisions around collaboration in an organisation, about introducing this way of working and more nerdy stuff like development. This is very similar to the stuff the Norwegian usergroup, ISBG, is doing.

Tim Clarke
Tim Clark, the leader of ICON UK at Social Connections in Vienna in 2017

A usergroup is an organisation consisting of members that are either customers or partners of IBM. It’s this organisation that put on these events, they are not organised by IBM. However, IBM is very often present at them, giving keynotes, presentations and maybe even sponsorship.

At this conference I will be giving 30 tips about IBM Verse, to make your users even more efficient in their use of this product. IBM Verse is IBM’s webmail and calendar solution, which runs on the good old, and very stable, IBM Domino platform. This means that if you are running IBM Notes today, you don’t need any migration to start using IBM Verse. The product also uses Watson technology to help you work with your email and calendar scheduling in the most efficient way possible.

Register for ICON UK here!

Lenovo day v2.0

Two days after returning from the UK, on September 19th, I will be giving a presentation about collaborative solutions at the Lenovo fagdag in Trondheim, Norway. I will tell why your organisation should change and start with the new way to work and collaborate, the challenges you face when introducing these thoughts into your organisation and not least the traps you easily can fall into when doing this. After falling into several of them myself, as well as having seen firsthand all the errors being done in organisations I’ve visited, I know what I’m talking about here.

Register for Lenovo fagdag here!

Social Connections

Social Connections in Vienna
Social Connections is really social. Here in Vienna last year.

October 16th and 17th I will be in Berlin at Social Connections. Here I will talk about the integration that you can do between IBM Connections and Microsoft Office 365. A lot of people think they are like fire and ice, but they are wrong. You can create a great symbiose where these two products are working together to increase collaboration in your organisation.

Social Connections is a usergroup that first and foremost deal with collaboration and social business. A lot of it is about IBM Connections and  the surrounding products, but there are also presentations and sessions about other things when it comes to collaboration.

Register for Social Connections here!


At the end of October (the exact date will be announced soon), the Norwegian usergroup (ISBG), which I’m in charge of, will have it’s autumn seminar. The main focus will be on the launch of IBM Notes/Domino v10 that takes place all around the world in October. IBM is working with us to make a great Norwegian launch where you will be told everything about the future strategy for the Domino platform, as well as everything that is happening on the technological front for Domino. Bring your IT-executive, Chief Financial Officer and CEO and register when we announce the registration!

There will also be sessions about strategic choices around Connections, Office 365 and security. That is another reason why you should bring along your bosses, who decide what to spend money on.

I will be master of ceremonies during the conference, and I will also give a presentation about Connections and Office 365.

When  the date has been set in stone, we will go widely out to advertise it.

Would you like me to come to your organisation or conference to give a talk? Get in touch! And if you have any questions or comments, use the comment section below!


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