I Love the Isolation

Dilbert Comics Panel about isolation

In the past months I’ve seen people posting a lot about how sick and tired they are of the life in isolation during the Corona crisis. Let me come up with an alternative view: I love it! And here’s why.

First of all: The summary Dilbert does in the five first panels here are spot on. Ok, I don’t hate my colleagues by any stretch of the imagination. And I actually have had some human contact, but there can be seven to ten days between each time.

Secondly: I’m very privileged since I’ve been able to keep my fulltime job, and I can do all of it from my home office. I have lost all my freelance and journalist assignments this spring, though, so my income is reduced quite a bit. I also fully sympathize with families with toddlers and young children, teenagers who are dependant on hanging out with their friends, people who are sick and people who have either lost their jobs or are put on furlough.

Personally I’ve loved the last ten weeks, though. This weekend I did actually hang out with some people, but other than that I’ve had almost no real life contact with others. My communication with the outside world has mostly been through the Internet, via Microsoft Teams, Slack, irc, HCL Connections, email, Facebook and a bit of Instagram.

I’ve gotten up in the morning and gone for a run or if the weather is bad or I’ve done a bike session while watching a CW superhero TV show. After this I manage to put in a much more efficient workday than I do on the days where I have to commute almost 3 hours to and from work. And I stay in front of the laptop a lot longer than I really have to. And then I finish off the day by working out in the evening.

When I’m not working, writing, doing and online class on something or do something creative, I watch a tv show or a movie. Other days I read books and comics. I also listen to music through most of the day.

This might surprise people who know me. Because I’m usually a very social person, who at times take up a bit too much space. And I have to admit that there are times I’ve been a bit worried that I enjoy being a hermit this much.

On the other hand: I’ve always enjoyed my own company. And since girlfriends and libido is something that doesn’t exist in my world and I’ve no intent or interest in picking up such activities again, this life suits mye just fine.

I realise it’s selfish of me to worry about the fact that this will eventually come to an end, but until it does I’m going to enjoy every second of it. None of you will catch me complaining about it, that’s for sure!

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