ISBG is Now NCUG – A Report From Stockholm

Converse shoe

The very first Nordic Collaboration User Group (NCUG) meeting took place in Stockholm on June 11th and 12th and it was a rousing success. And ISBG is no more.

Now that IBM has sold the entire collaboration portfolio to HCL, we could no longer call ourselves IBM Collaboration User Group (ISBG in Norwegian). And since we now have set ourselves the goal of becoming a user group for the entire Nordic region, it was time for a new name, a new strategy and a new logo.

Changes slowly coming

NCUG logoThis was announced by me, NCUG’s leader, during my opening presentation (yup, that’s my awesome new Converse shoe at the top of the article). And considering we had people from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in the room, we had a great start! Next year we want to have people from Iceland, Ferry Islands and Aaland as well. And we want to have board members or helpers from all of these countries as well.

We have some quirks to fix, like the new domain name for this blog, translating all pages and menus into English and some legal issues when it comes to changing the name and letting in members from all over the Nordic countries. But everything will be fixed, no worries!

Our Facebook page has finally had the name change approved, though! So now you can follow us there. The same goes for our Twitter account.

Read the entire article and see the photo album and presentations  at NCUG’s blog.


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