Learn How to Make Domino Mobile Apps

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IBM now gives you the chance to learn how fast you can get mobile versions of your Notes/Domino up and running. On November 29th they have a webinar, where you will get full information on how you can get started.

The idea is that you by mobile solutions can lift your business critical applications up on a mobile framework, thus making it easier for the people out in the field to get access to them.

In the same amount of time you will be spending watching the webinar, you can have your first application up and running on an Ipad. You sign up for the webinar here!

IBM has just released a client called IBM Domino Mobile Apps, where you can run applications on an Ipad. To use this you have to install an app called TestFlight from AppStore. You need to download this and install it. In addition, you must be able to reach your Domino server from the outside, either via an Internet connection or VPN. You can sign up for the beta version here!

IBM has also made a complete manual on how to set this up, and you can download it from here!


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