My Employer and Our Customer are Saving Lives With Domino

Arvid Gjerde and iSi

To get ahead of the competition for getting the jobs of putting up safety rails along Norwegian roads and bridges, Arvid Gjerde AS turned to Notes and Domino, and my employer, iSi AS.

It was back in 2006 that they asked iSi to help them create a solution where they could do planning, work, reporting, register work, hours and manpower, billing and the measuring of GPS data as efficiently as possible. To this day, a standard solution for doing all of those things still don’t exist. That’s why they got in touch with iSi.

Fourteen years later we have a solution that is so good that HCL decided to use it as an example to show both current and would be customers the strength of the Domino platform.

You can read the entire article on HCL’s homepage. 

Arvid Gjerde AS has worked with traffic security for over 40 years. They’ve specialised in setting up safety rails along roads and bridges. iSi AS has specialised in creating mobile and web based solutions for digital collaboration, health, security, quality control, shops and content management.

The cooperation between Arvid Gerjde and iSi has been a match made in heaven. The solution that they’ve created can be run on both PCs, mobile phones and tablets. It contains the following functionality:

  • Measures and maps GPS coordinates for every pole in the safety railing
  • Displays the coordinates on interactive maps
  • The GPS data is sent automatically the the official Norwegian road databank
  • Definition of work schedules for all teams that travel around Norway performing the work
  • Security and job analysis for the workers out on assignments
  • Forms for registering deviations, health, security and quality assurance, including uploading of photos
  • Registering man hours
  • The workers on assignment can register requests for repairs or new equipment
  • Automatically imports to Arvid Gjerde’s financial and accounting system
  • Apps for the administration back at headquarters
  • Generates a web page for the customer, where they can see the progress of the work
  • Email and calendar

It was after I had presented this unique and powerful solution at a number of conferences, plus via a video on YouTube, that HCL got in touch with me. The solution had everything they were looking for: A solution that demonstrated how you could user their products (HCL Notes and Domino) in combination with other apps and third party platforms and systems, while automatically transferring data to Norwegian road authorities.

In this way, two small local businesses in a small rural municipality in Norway will be promoted for a huge audience, all over the world. That’s why we in iSi say we are a local business making global solutions.

Here is a recording of me presenting the solution we’ve made for Arvid Gjerde:

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