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The Big Bang Theory Lego set

I just saw the final episode of The Big Bang Theory. I was a bit moved actually. (No spoilers).

While I did give up on the series after it stopped being funny back in season 7, I have kept half an eye on it every now and then when reruns have been on in the background while doing other stuff.

I think the show got a bad rap from my fellow geeks. A lot of people thought it made fun of us geeks, and it certainly did. But at the same time I always felt that they were still rooting for us. Besides: They made fun of everybody, through exaggerated stereotypes and jokes. It wasn’t always successful, but that’s the nature of comedy.

However, I do think the show started its decline when they introduced Bernadette and Amy (no disrespect to the fabulous actresses who played them), even if that’s when their ratings stared to soar.

I’m not gonna spoil it and tell you how it ends, but I found myself being a bit misty eyed watching the ending. And who am I to argue against pulling 16 million viewers every single week, in this day and age of streaming? And do you know how many young people who are into science now because of this show? Not least girls! It’s a lot. Even my own son came home from school and told me he could answer something the teacher didn’t think anyone knew the answer to after seeing it on this show.

Well done, Chuck Lorre and your team! And thanks for all the laughs (at least in the four first seasons).

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