Notes Tip #22: Notes Manual for Previous Outlook Users

Moving from Outlook to HCL Notes

So, you have new employees who have never used anything but Outlook for mail and calendaring. Download my manual on how to ease the transition for them when they start using Notes in your organisation.

While Notes is so much more than just an email, calendar and contacts application, it is usually among one of the most important features of the client.

Outlook is the email and scheduling client with the largest user base. This means that if you get a new employee in your company, they were most likely Outlook users in their previous position. If you are using Notes for email and calendaring, there will be a period of adjustment for the employee.

In the past 15 years I’ve had several user training sessions for users that comes from the world of Outlook to the world of Notes. This posting is therefore built on my long experience about what the usual questions and challenges are.

I have created a document that will hopefully help you make the transition smoother, and make it easier for the employee to adapt to working with Notes. I have therefore included tips on how you can set up the client to mimic Outlook behaviour (like opening everything in new windows).

In addition I have described how you use a lot of the functions that Outlook and Notes have in common, that might be a bit different in Notes.

I also think this document will be of great help to users who have used Notes for years.

You can download the document From-Outlook-to-Notes-a-user-guide here.

Le me know in the comments what you think, or if you have suggestions for improvements!

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6 thoughts on “Notes Tip #22: Notes Manual for Previous Outlook Users”

  1. Good work !
    It’s this kind of paper which can attract new users to Notes / Domino.
    I make a link to your article in my french blog “Messagerie et Mobilité”.

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