Notes Tip #37: Don’t Go Blank

You don’t want to come off as unprofessional, nor do you want to end up in a spam filter, do you? Then don’t go blank in the Subject line!

Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you might forget to set a Subject in your email. However, an email without a Subject will most likely be ignored by the recepient, especially if they receive a lot of emails. Also: An email without a subject is more likely to end up in a spam filter.

Thankfully Notes can warn you before you are about to send an email without filling out the Subject field.

  1. Go to File -> Preferences
  2. Choose Mail in the preferences window:
    Warn me about empty subject line - HCL Notes
  3. Make sure the Warn me about blank message subjects option is checked under Message Options
  4. Click OK

Notes will now warn you if you try to send an email without a subject line.

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