Notes Tips #13: Use the F

Search box for Notes View or Folder

Take CTRL with your searches in a Notes view or folder by using the F! 

In last week’s tip I showed how you can simply just start typing to do a search in a Notes view or folder.

The drawback with this search is that whatever you search for has to start with the expression you type in the search field. In addition you can only search in sorted columns, and then only in the column the view is currently sorted by.

However, if you hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while hitting the F key, you will get this search box:

Search box for Notes View or Folder

You can now search in any column, and now Notes will search for this text in all columns in the view or folder, no matter how it’s sorted.

Also: The expression you search for can be anywhere in the column. This means that if you type the word school and hit Find Next, it will find both school assignment, as well as high school and school.

If you click the plus sign in front of More Options… you get even more search options:

More Options in Notes search in view or folder

Case sensitive: The search will treat capital and lowercase letters differently. An A will not equal an a etc.
Accent sensitive: The search will treat an é differently from an e and so on
Whole words: The search expression will only search for that word, and not yield a result if it’s part of another word or expression. Example: If you write shoe, the search will skip the word shoemaker
Ignore Diatrics: It will ignore all special characters, so an o will equal an õ, for example

In the pulldown menu Direction, you choose if you should search forward from the the currently selected document, or backwards. If you check Wrap at start/end it doesn’t matter. When it reaches the end or top, it will simply start at the top, or bottom, again.

And that’s it! This search will search all columns in the view, and the word you are searching for can be anywhere in any column. Neat, eh?

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2 thoughts on “Notes Tips #13: Use the F”

  1. Hi,
    On my version 11 if you just starting typing without Ctrl F does show the +More Options, but it doesn’t do anything when clicked, most confusing.

    But now at least I know how to make it work, thanks

    1. Glad to help. I just tested typeahead search, and in V11 it only throws up a suggestion for categories, and not a plus sign with more options. Maybe I’ll need to investigate a bit more and maybe update my documentation.

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