Notes Tips #21: You Got a Date with Mail

Mail in HCL Notes sorted by date

A very quick and short tip on how you can easily sort your email by date.

In the upper right part of your action bar above your mail folders, you will find a button called Show:

Show action button in HCL Notes

If you click on it, you will get the following menu:

Show action button menu in HCL Notes

Click on Group By Date, so that it’s selected (checked) like in the screenshot above.

Your emails in the folder you are in right now will be sorted and grouped by date:

Mail in HCL Notes sorted by date

As you can see I have 16 emails from today, 11 from yesterday, 25 from the rest of the week and so on.

To see the emails under any of the groupings, just click on the twistie:

Yesterday's email group expanded

This is very useful and nice tool to find emails from a specific date or time period. Or to keep track on what you have received today and yesterday.

Please let me know in the comments if there’s anything in Notes you would like me to give you tips on. And you can see all my previous Notes tips here.

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