Notes Tips #24: Take the Shortcuts

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Learn about the shortcuts that makes it so much faster to easily start some of the standard applications in HCL Notes. 

In Notes you have several ways to get shortcuts for standard applications like Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Workspace and Thumbnails:

Shortcut buttons

Click on View -> Show Shortcut Buttons and choose Mail. Then repeat this for Calendar and the other applications you want to have a shortcut for:

Show shortcut buttons in HCL Notes

You will now see these shortcut buttons under the menu line:

Shortcut buttons

Unfortunately To do is not available as a shortcut button.


However, To do is available as a bookmark, together with Mail, Calendar and Contacts.

You find these bookmarks under the Open button:

Open button in HCL Notes

You can pin the bookmarks under the Open button to be permanently visible by right clicking on the Open button and choose Dock the Open List.

You can also choose Use Large Icons. Now Mail, Calendar, Contacts and To do will have permanent shortcuts to the left in the Notes client:

Dock the Open List in HCL Notes

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