Plug Me In or Shoot Me Now

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Collabsphere, the American usergroup conference, was this year online. I took part in two presentations, one about plugins for HCL Connections and one where I told why I as an Office 365 user sometimes want to kill myself. Slides and videos here! 

Get Plugged in

HCL Connections is a great tool to collaborate, work and share information. But did you know you can integrate your email system, as well as Office 365, with Connections, so that you can work directly with files, status updates and activities? Even offline?

In the presentation I gave at Collabsphere I did a tour of, and the best tips on, the HCL Connections plugins for HCL Notes, Windows Explorer, Office 365 and even Outlook. I also mention the Mac.

Here’s the presentation:


You can also see a video of the presentation here, with my charming Norwenglish. Fast forward to 06:32 to skip all the testing and small talk at the start.

Shoot Me Now! The Life and Death of an Office 365 Admin

I did this presentation with Keith Brooks, who was kind enough to invite me to present with him. I really appreciated that. He presented Office 365 from the admin side while I presented how Office 365 is for me and my colleagues as users. Here’s Keith’s description of the session:

The world can complain about Notes all they want, but have any of them ever tried to administer O365? What a PITA, and I am being nice. We have mixed environment customers, we spend way too much time managing the Microsoft side compared to HCL. Sure, you will say I am an experienced HCL admin and a not as experienced Microsoft one. I would not argue, but just try to get anything done in their convoluted hodge podge of Powershell and Admin tools. They may make it all pretty and nice for users but it is hell on the admin side. Don’t believe me? Come and check out the painful side of the software everyone claims to love.

Here are the slides:


And you can watch the video here. Fast forward to the 08:00 mark.

Let me know what you think!

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