Some Limitations of IBM Connections

As an IBM Champion who is visiting a lot of IBM customers, I often get asked questions about challenges that the users have with some of the products. Very often I can give them the answer. But sometimes I have to go to IBM to ask the product managers for help. And other times I turn to the wonderful IBM Collaboration Solutions community. So, here are my challenges at for the customer I’m working with this week:

  • When you save a file directly from Microsoft Office and up into Files in Connections, you can’t share this file with external users. When you try to share it afterwards, you get a strange error message. This means you have to save the file locally first, and then upload it to Files via the web GUI.
  • When you are in the Windows Explorer plugin, and you drag a file locally from your computer and over to Files, you cannot choose to share the file externally if the Connections solution is running on prem. This actually works in the plugin if the plugin is connected to the cloud version of Connections
  • While you can print a wiki page, you cannot print an entire wiki. Is there a way to do that?
  • Why can’t you print a file from the Files web GUI? You can’t print it in preview mode either. I was expecting to be able to print a file when I opened it in IBM Docs, but no. I can only print it to PDF! Why?
  • I’m not sure I understand the process of adding external users. My customer says that when they add an external user, this user hase to log on at least once before they can start adding this user to communities, or start sharing files with her Is this true?

Any help on these matters will be more than welcome.

8 thoughts on “Some Limitations of IBM Connections”

  1. In addition, external user can not show his card to anyone. But in on-prem he can. I can not collaborate with external people, as I can on-prem. The bad is; information of this is deeply hidden in all marketing.

  2. The last point is not Correct. It definitely is possible that newly created external user can be referred to even before they have logged in. Maybe this is rather related to an outdated search index?

  3. A user will not show up on type ahead until
    logged on for the first time. You have to choose “extensive search” or what the wording in English version is

  4. External users of Connections cloud can not use the desktop plugin.
    You can not set up a project mail domain for some internal and some external members of a community and provide a complete comms and collab stack to them. Have to use O365 for that. (This is absolutely usual in the AEC industry, don’t discuss the approach with me!)

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