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On Monday January 21st IBM is hosting a jam in Stockholm where IBM Domino customers and IBM business partners are invited to give their feedback on what V11 of Notes/Domino should contain. Tell me what YOU want me to say and ask for!

The IBM Domino V11 jams that were announced back in November are now happening all over the world. Next Monday, I’m attending the one happening in Stockholm. Here’s your chance to tell me what you want me to bring with me when it comes to ideas what V11 should contain (or not contain, as the case might be).

While V10 was a release mostly focusing on the Domino server, so that it could catch up to the modern world, especially when it came to API, JavaScript, Java and administration, V11 will have equal focus on the Notes client. Personally I’ve been part of a group giving feedback on the design of the V11 client, so I know that there’s much happening on that front as well.

IBM describes the ongoing V11 jams like this:

“The main issues that we are currently thinking about are remnants of the first jam:

  • Improved support to the so-called “Citizen Developer” – further simplifying the possibilities of creating apps, so the LOB departmental users can create small apps without being expert programmers, but at the skill level of writing macros for a spreadsheet.
  • Extend e-mail in the direction of “open e-mail” (ie with any client) and make it easier to use with powerful analytics functions.
  • Further optimizing the autonomous features / “lights-out” operations of Domino for superior TCO.

This release will be critically important to many different types of users: Staff in specialist departments, secretarial services, managers, etc. – allowing them to contribute to the digital transformation of their enterprise and proving their value through daily use of the Domino platform in many scenarios.

To understand your thinking better, we will run a series of V11 Jams; An IBM Jam is a method based on the IBM Design Thinking method, which is ideally suited for the structured development of scenarios for specific roles (personas) with a clear practical focus. These jams are about Domino V11 and what should be in it.”

If you are not able to register yourself, what do you want me to say at the jam? Do you have a good idea, suggestions or thoughts? Leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Tell Me What to Say at the Domino V11 Jam”

  1. Trying to limit my suggestion to the three main issues you outline above :

    1. Citizen developer to me means that
    a. I can develop functions that does what I want using whatever UI that I want.
    b. I should not bother to learn how domino works (but it would be a big plus if I already have the knowledge)
    This can lead to a number of improvement
    – A lightweight and platform agnostic designer client
    – A way to trigger creation and update of ALL Domino Designer element. With DQL we probably does not need to manually create Views and Forms is not really needed in web (it would make troubleshooting your data somewhat easier). But how about scheduled agents ?
    – Improvement in source control, especially related to export and re-import of DXL and the exclusion of (some) metadata.

    2. Open e-mail to me means not only email that can be opened via “any” client, but also
    a. Email that is accepted and rendered as-is in whatever email system I sent to
    b. Email that support whatever security protocol that is required by whatever email system I sent it to
    c. I have the same functionality no matter what email client that I use

    3. Superior Domino TCO to me means that
    a. I can do more with less server, this means that certain task like HTTP or SMTP need to be robust enough to handle “enormous” load and can recover itself from whatever crash that those load result in. This way I only need one Domino server to handle whatever load that usually require two or more servers.
    b. I can have a way to “automate” and delegate the user administration as needed. The API exist right now, but there is no uniform tools or product that combine them.
    c. If I need to troubleshoot a server I need an easy way to find out what happen, why it happen and how can I fix it. This would save me precious man-hours I spent digging through various logs and websites.

    Tinus Riyanto – Prisma Global Solusi

  2. sorry we are in transfer phase. can not tell you anything. that kind of period.

    tell them to read the idea forum om dominoforever at not take the idea with 500+ votes just under consideration but accept with dedication.

    many energy and positive spirit where killed already by ideajam. now they want to repeat that with the idea forum.

    it’s our way or the highway! 1 shot HCL, 1 shot…

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