This is What Happened at IBM Think 2019


This is what was presented by IBM and HCL at IBM Think in San Francisco last week. See videos, summaries and presentations here! 

Good old Lotusphere, which a few years back turned into the conference IBM Connect, was two years ago integrated into IBM’s huge technology conference called Think. After HCL’s purchase of the entire IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio, this year’s conference for collaboration will be the very last one IBM does.

I didn’t go this year, and quite a few of the regulars in the ICS community also stayed home. However, there’s still a huge demand for news from Think, so I’ve gathered together the best summaries and links in this blog posting.

  • IBM has posted several of the presentations as PDFs, and more are on the way
  • You can also see videos of the opening session and the keynotes at IBM’s THINK page
  • Rainer Brandl has written great summaries of all days, and also a summary of the session about Domino Query Language
  • Gabriella Davis has both written blog postings, with lots of links, as well as posted podcasts from every day of the conference. You can find all this in the Turtle Partnership Blog
  • Femke Godheart has shared her presentation about user adoption
  • Johnny Oldenburger has gathered together all ICS related sessions in this blog posting

On top of that, the Canadian user group, C3UG, has posted a string of great videos. They contain summaries of each day of the conference, videos of entire sessions, including one about Domino Query Language, which will be the next great thing for Domino developers. You can see these videos here:

Summary day 2:


Summary day 3:


Summary day 4:


Future of the Domino portfolio:


Why Domino, the world’s first RAD platform, is still the best:


Task Management for IBM Notes, Domino, Verse og Connections:


How to use DQL without any programming experience, with the help of, DQL Explorer:


Thank you so much to C3UG and other bloggers for sharing all of this content with us who weren’t able to go!

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