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Vote for Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Icelandic Versions of Notes V11

June 14th, 2019 | Posted by elfworld in HCL | Notes

Notes Client V11

When I first saw that Notes V11 wouldn’t come in a Norwegian version, I thought it was a mistake on the slide. Turns out it’s not. Vote to prevent this!

In the past week, and at NCUG in Stockholm June 11th, we were told that the Notes and Domino V11 would only be released in Swedish, and NOT Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or Icelandic.

The reason given is that the revenue for Notes and Domino wasn’t big enough in Norway, Finland, Denmark or Iceland.

Please vote for this idea so that we can tell HCL that if we do NOT get editions for the other languages, the revenue will certainly not increase. In fact, it will most likely decrease even more.

Vote here, to show them that here is a demand for the other languages as well!

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