Vote for Right Clicking on Hypertext Link in RT Field

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Please vote for this idea about functionality in Notes that should have been in place 20 years ago.

In all other mail clients and applications with rich text fields you can right click on a hypertext link and choose: Copy URL. This is not possible in Notes.

If the link is written like this, you can of course just highlight that text, copy and paste it wherever you want it.

But if that link is a hypertext link, like this, Foo, there is no way for you to get hold of the URL itself. And also if the link is in a photo, you’re not able to right click on the photo and get the link either.

Are there any other programs or services with rich text field where this functionality isn’t available? Please give me an example. I’ll just sit here and wait while the crickets are chirping…

Please go and vote for the idea I’ve created at the Domino idea site to have this included already in the next FP for Notes V9, V10 and V11.

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