Welcome to the Launch of Notes/Domino V11

Domino V11 Launch

My employer, iSi, is hereby inviting you to join us for the launch of Notes/Domino V11 on December 4th.

In June 2019, HCL took over IBM Notes and the Domino server, that Notes applications are running on, from IBM. They have not been idle since the takeover, and now HCL Notes/Domino V11 is ready.

My employer is an HCL Business Partner, and we hereby invite you to take part in the launch party, where we also will give you a preview of our Domino based web solution, iBricks V2.0.

This is HCL’s first big launch of Domino V11, Notes V11 and Sametime V11, as well as Connections 6.5, We will show the launch at a big screen, receiving a live stream directly from Tokyo. You will see news, a roadmap for the future, demos and technical sessions.

In addition you will get to meet other iBricks-, Notes/Domino and iSi customers, colleagues and iSi employees, that you can talk and share with.

There will be food and beverages served, so you won’t go hungry.

If you don’t live in this region, you can still register. We will send you information how you can join the launch online. 

Date: Wednesday December 4th
Time: Kl. 14.30 – 16.00
Place: Utrøna
Registration: Go here and scroll to the bottom


Kl. 14.30: Welcome with food, drinks and mingling
Kl. 14.45: A short introduction concerning HCL’s work on Notes/Domino by Hogne B. Pettersen, HCL Master
Kl. 15.00: Live from  Tokyo: Keynote with Richard Jefts, General Manager HCL Digital Solutions
Kl, 15.15: Live from  Tokyo: Why modernizing with Domino V11 is better than migration by Andrew Manby, Vice President of Product Management, HCL Domino
Kl. 15.30: Live from  Tokyo: Demo of Domino V11
Kl. 15.45: iBricks V2.0 og iSi’s continued support of Notes/Domino V11


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