What’s New in the HCL Community #3

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There’s so much going on within the HCL Technologies community right now, that I’m sure you are confused. It’s hard to keep up. Fortunately, you got me! Here’s the scoop.

Notes turn 30

Did you know it was Notes’ birthday a few days ag0? The Notes client is 30 years old! That’s awesome. I don’t know many systems that have survived this long. And just think all that Notes was first with: Low code, RAD, before RAD was invented, offline replication NoSQL database before it was even a term, And here’s the best part: If you have a Notes application (database) from V1 of Notes, you can run it in Notes V11 without any changes in neither the design or code!

Don’t believe me? Read this posting from Mat Newman, where he demonstrates it. And: He also upgrades the application to V11, in just a few clicks. No need for any data migration. Take that….pretty much any other software out there!

Xpages might not be dead after all

Nothing much has happened with Xpages in the past 3-4 years. The biggest thing was that it was broken in the first version of Notes 10, if you wanted to run your application in the client. That was thankfully fixed, but the message from HCL has been that while they would continue to support it, it was not a big future for Xpages.

However, after Chris Tooey asked on Twitter how many companies that still relied on Xpages, it turned into a long thread. Turns out a lot of people depend on it, and HCL then posted this Tweet:

Join in that Twitter thread if your employer, like min, has a lot of Xpages applications that still need support and development.

Johnny Oldenbeurger, who has been one of the sharpest critics of HCL’s handling of Xpages, shares his thoughts in this blog posting.

Want to turn your Notes application into a mobile friendly Nomad app?

With the release of Nomad, you can run Notes applications on your iPad or iPhone without any development. It just works!

While a lot of Notes applications work without too much trouble this way, there’s no doubt that the applications aren’t optimized for mobile use.

HCL Grand Master, Paul Withers, to the rescue. He’s created a complete manual on how to do this in a very easy way. There’s no need for a huge migration, or re-development project when following these guidelines.


Yup, the bloody problem where Domino converts attachments into Winmail.dat is back. Vlad writes about it. Vlad was one of the speakers at our Stockholm conference last year.

Launch party for Domino V11

Finally: Don’t forget that Wednesday December 4th is the launch of Domino V11, HCL Connections 6.5 and HCL Sametime V11. Sign up for a launch party that is close to you here!


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