What’s New in the HCL Community #4

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Nomad for Android Tablets is out, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of all the new good news from HCL this week! Check it all out here.

Nomad for Android

For all of those who have been envious of iPad users when it comes to testing Nomad, the client that makes it possible for you to run Notes applications on your pad without the need for any modifications, the wait is over.

You can now find it and download it from Google Play. You can find the documentation here.

You’ll need version 8.0 or higher, and a 64-bit architecture. You Domino server needs be at least v 9.0.1 or higher.


  • Domino policies not fully supported, only during initial setup
  • LotusScript ODBC is not supported
  • Custom actions with drop down action menus won’t work
  • VPN Connection mus be present before you use Nomad to connect to the Domino server
  • No Notes Workspace
  • Create menu not available
  • Mail does not support MIME

Those are the, IMO, most impoartant ones. Read the documentation for more.

News about Domino apps

There are som news on the Verse front as well. HCL has talked about a thin desktop Notes client for mail only, and that will be based on Verse. It will be delivered in 2020.

Also coming in 2020 is the ability to run HCL Nomad with WebAssembly. This makes it possible to run Notes applications in your web browser, without any need for code changes or migration.

Notes/Domino V11 will be out on December 20th, together with Verse 1.0.9.

Also: You can now register users in Windows Active Directory, and then sync them to Domino! No more double registrations or problems!

HCL Verse

HCL Verse will also be possible to integrate with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow and other leading SaaS apps. There also plans to use progressive web application technology to make it easier to integrate Verse into other web apps. There will even be UI extensions and code samples available.

Other ehancements in the latest version (1.0.9) coming December 20th:

  • New “Change password” link menu option
  • Time zone enhancements
  • Read and open meetings that last longer than 24 hours
  • Can create a QRCode for calendar meeting URLs

Plans for 1.0.10:

  • Search for emails within a date range
  • Implementation for web rules
  • Message “send and file” capability
  • Preview events contained in ICS files prior to importing such a file
  • Create meetings that last more than 24 hours
  • Send mail on delayed basis

Read more here

News about Notes V11

  • TLS 1.2 for Notes Federated Login (SAML)
  • XULRunner browser has (finally!) been upgraded (this is the internal web browser in the Notes client)
  • Embedded Sametime authentication will also use TLS 1.2
  • Sametime chates will have a more robust experience with the XULRunner upgrade
  • Multi dictionary support for spell check
  • Export any Notes document as a PDF
  • Calendar supports meetings that last more than 24 hours

Read more here

Sametime V11

Will be on on December 20th.

  • Sametime is now HCL branded
  • No more IBM dependencies (WAS, DB2 etc)
  • 64-bit on Windows and Linux
  • Embedded in Notes V11, with the same version number (11)
  • Supported on Docker
  • Ongoing UX Modernization
  • You can integrate Sametime with third party web conference tools like Skype for Business, GotoMeetings, Cisco and others (Teams support is planned for V12)
  • Persistent chat, meaning you can start a chat in the Sametime client in Notes, and then continue it on the mobile client or on the web, with the chat history intact

Read more here

Connections 6.5

Connections 6.5 is already out, and is now fully HCL branded. My favorite things:

  • Connections 6.5 social sidebar:
    • This makes it possible to integrate Connections into any web site
    • Share status updates without the need to switch to Connections
    • Monitor Connections activities easily
    • (I hope this will be easy to integrate into Notes and Outlook as well)
  • Touchpoint:
    • Step-by-step onboarding wizard
    • Very customizable
  • Activities+

Read more here

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