What’s New in the HCL Community?

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The next Engage conference is announced, IBM Connections Cloud customers still don’t know what’s going to happen and mobile templates are being made. Read about the latest here.

IBM Cloud

Let’s take IBM Cloud first. As previously announced, IBM Connections Cloud (including Smart Cloud Notes and Sametime) will die in July next year. A lot of customers are worried, and for good reason. That’s only 8 months away, and a lot of customers have tons of data and mail that have to be moved. Thus far HCL has not announced how migration should be done. They’ve also only made vague announcements regarding who you can migrate to. Even if we are free to choose any cloud provider, this choice will most likely be limited, based on what tools they will provide for migrating the data.

The webinar where HCL would tell us of their plans have been postponed twice already. Now it’s scheduled for Wednesday October 30th. Over a month later than the original announcement, which was announced on very short notice. The fact that I got an email about the postponement less than an hour after receiving an email telling me to “remember the webinar about HCL Cloud Next tomorrow” makes it even more worrisome. We just have to wait.

 Engage 2020

The most popular and most important user group conference, Engage, has now announced the next event. It will be at what looks like an awesome venue at the Burgers’ Zoo in Arnem in the Netherlands. This time the conference won’t be free, but 99 EUR is good value for money, believe me! It’s almost a symbolic sum.

You can already register, and if you click on the menu item called Speak, you can submit a session proposal. Go ahead! Challenge yourself. And it’s great fun.

Template Experience

And earlier this week, the team who are working in the mobile templates for Nomad, the mobile client that makes it possible for you to run native Notes applications on your iPhone or iPad (and Android pads is in beta right now) held a webinar where they presented what they had come up with so far. And it looks great! HCL has shared the webinar as a recording. Go watch it.

iPhone Discussion Template

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  1. I think you should clarify the “IBM Cloud” in these posts. The IBM Cloud isn’t going anywhere. It’s IBM Connections Cloud and the former ICS cloud products that will go away. Someone searching for IBM Cloud could read this and not know the difference.

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