You Mean Notes and Domino Customers Actually Get Answers to Their Questions?!?!?

Domino video

Do you remember the days when you had lots of questions about the future of Notes/Domino, but never got any replies with any commitment? Well, those days are over!

While I was still on holiday up in the north of Norway, HCL held a webinar about the future of Notes/Domino. A lot of business partners, customers, users and HCL masters where on the call.

Even if we did get a very nice presentation of the roadmap for Notes, Domino, Verse, NOMAD (mobile apps) etc, there were a lot of questions from the audience. So many, that there simply wasn’t time to reply all of them.

HCL promised to get back to us with replies to all questions. Cynical people like me, who are used to the old ways, snorted in our beards and said: “Yeah right.” But these are different times, baby.

Because here are the answers!


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