HCL is Practicing What They Preach

HCL Porta

The newly announced division of HCL Technologies called HCL Software has so far done everything right. Also with the new portal that’s now opened.

One of the things we old timers in the world of ICS complained about was the fact that IBM weren’t even using their own products within the collaboration portfolio. That is not a very good signal to send out to your partners and customers. Especially customers took note of that.

It was also pure hell to find anything at IBM’s download sites. And there were so many sites, URLs, IBM Ids, usernames and passwords that it was a pain in the behind at times.

So far it seems that HCL is doing everything right in their mission to revitalise Notes/Domino, Connections, Sametime etc:

  • Almost everything has so far been delivered as promised (language pakcs for V10 *mumble grumble*)
  • We have gotten a clear and ambitious road map
  • The communication with business partners, customers and us Champions/Masters have been open and honest
  • But most important of all: They are actually using the products they are going to sell, develop and support from now on!

Take the new portal they have opened. This portal is a single point of contact for customers and partners, regarding downloading software, getting support, information and everything else that required 3-4 different web sites when dealing with IBM. And that’s not all: This new portal is running on DOMINO and PORTAL!

Check it out!

Now, when you have read this, please go and vote for a Norwegian version of Notes V11.