So, You Wanna Know What it’s Like to Be an Exchange Student

Youtbe interview

Do you want to know what it’s like to go to another country as an exchange student? Do you want to know about the culture shock you can experience when coming home again? Or do you want to see a moment that is like it’s taken straight out of a high school movie? Then you should check out this video!

The offspring was an exchange student for 53 weeks in the US last year, and he returned in August. He travelled via the organisation known as EF, and went to a high school in Idaho, in the middle of mormon country. After his year was up, he applied for a position as an EF ambassador, and spent his summer vacation helping out with the newly arrived students that would spend the upcoming year as exchange students. After his return home, he has also been given several other ambassador tasks, and after Christmas, he will be going to Paris and Italy as part of the EF ambassador program.

It turns out that he has a gift for expressing himself, both verbally and in writing (now, who could he have gotten that from). And he’s also doing very well in school (ok, that’s from his mother). All of this has made EF turn to him for information meetings and promotion work. And now he’s also been interviewed as part of the EF Youtube channel.

If you, or any young people you know, have questions about what it’s like to be an exchange student, this video will give you lots of answers. You will also get stories, with video clips, from my son’s year over there. You will even get to see a video where Håkon asks’s his date to the prom, in front of the whole school:

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