Notes Tips #11: Pimp Your Notes Workspace

R2-D2 on HCL Notes Workspace

Check out my cool HCL Notes V10.0.1 background! R2-D2 from Star Wars. And you can very easily do the same, only with the background of your own choosing. Read on!

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HCL Domino Mobile Experience is Gaining Traction


HCL is now shipping HCL Nomad 1.0.4 for the Apple iPad. It’s now available from the Apple App Store. And there are news about the Android version. Also: You can join a webinar and have your say about the future mobile Domino templates! 

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IBM Notes/Domino V10.0.1 is Out

IBM Notes logo

The first update of the new Notes and Domino V10 is out, both for the server and the client. In addition you can now get Panagenda’s MarcelClient Essentials as part of your license. I’m giving you the links, as well as tips on how to get started with using Node.js with Domino!

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Notes Tip #2: Pimp My Notes Client

Natural Notes color
I’ve pimped my Notes client and I change colors, depending on the season. Click to see a larger version

Sometimes you just got to have some fun with your work tools. I like to pimp my Notes client with the help of Panagenda’s Marvel Client: Skinning Edition. This makes it possible for me set my company’s logo as the background for my workspace in my Notes client, as well as changing the database icons. You can download the files and instructions here, but be warned, this might be overwritten by your administrator. It depends on how your setup is.

In addition, I’ve installed the Eclipse plugin called Themes for Lotus Notes. Just follow the instructions, and you will be able to do like me, change the color of your Client, depending on the season. And since it’s summer now, at least according to the calendar, my Notes client these days is green.

Have fun!

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