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When Was the Last Time You Had a Conversation With Your Domino Server?

February 27th, 2019 | Posted by elfworld in Domino | IBM

Luis Guirigay talks to Domino

Or when was the last time the Domino server talked to you? Never, you say? With Domino 10 and the new APIs, this is possible! See an awesome how Luis Guirigay not only does Domino administration with his voice, but also how he can book holiday time and meetings as well.

The very impressive demo was given at IBM Think in San Francisco earlier this month. This is the video you have to show those who claim that Domino is old fashioned and not up to date with modern APIs, systems and platforms.

Not only will you see Luis talk to Domino, and having Domino talk back (via Alexa), you will also see integration between Domino and Salesforce, Facebook Workplace, Slack, Office 365 and a whole bunch of other platforms. Enjoy:

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