Timeslots in HCL Notes calendar

Notes Tip #43: Change Your View

Choose whether you want to see your calendar displayed as a day, week, work week, month or as a schedule.

Period views

In Notes you switch between a day, two days, a work week, a week, or a month and as a weekly planner under the left side menu item called Views:Calendar Views menu in HCL Notes

Summary or timeslots

You can switch between viewing the calendar as a summarised calendar or as timeslots by clicking on the Switch button in the upper right of the calendar:Timeslots in HCL Notes Calendar

Timeslots will display the calendar like this:Timeslots in HCL Notes calendar

Week numbers

Week numbers are displayed in the calendar footer at the bottom of the calendar. You turn it on like this:

  1. Make sure the calendar footer is turned on by clicking on Display and then choose Calendar footer:
    Calendar Footer
  2. The calendar footer will now be visible under the calendar view. Click on the little pull down arrow to choose Week [Number]:
    Week Number

You can also do this in Day at a Glance in the right sidebar panel.

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